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Financial Deep Dive into the Spring Hiring Ramp-Up

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As the spring season approaches, landscaping businesses are gearing up for increased demand, and strategic hiring becomes paramount to meet customer expectations. 

In this insightful session, we will delve into the financial considerations that landscaping companies should keep in mind when hiring new employees. We'll cover capacity planning, key benchmarks, labor efficiency targets, forecasting and optimizing your workforce. Join us to gain valuable insights that will empower your business to thrive during the upcoming spring rush as we explore practical strategies and expert advice to make informed decisions that will positively impact your bottom line.

Watch if you want to:

  • Strategically plan your workforce to meet the demands of the spring rush without overcommitting resources

  • Discover key performance metrics for evaluating the financial impact of new hires

  • Maintain an adequate cash reserve to cushion the financial impact of hiring ahead of the spring rush

  • Understand the benefits of flexible staffing models to adapt to variable demand during the spring rush

Original air date: February 14, 2024

Carla Policastro, CPA and Joe Policastro are the co-founders of Cycle CPA, an accounting firm specialized in providing bookkeeping and fractional CFO services to over 200 green industry businesses across the country.

Carla and Joe have a passion for helping green industry businesses increase profits through accurate accounting and consulting. They inherently understand that the foundation of a green industry business’s success lies in knowing their numbers, and they help businesses get there.

Carla Policastro, CPA

What we cover:

Budgeting and forecasting to ensure cash remains at a healthy level

How to measure labor efficiency

Using capacity planning and KPIs to guide staffing decisions

Joe Policastro

About Cycle CPA

Cycle CPA is a full service firm that offers bookkeeping, controller, and CFO services to the green industry. They understand that running a landscaping business is tough because it faces unique seasonality and cash flow issues that are not as common in other industries. Utilizing the data and experience from working with hundreds of green industry businesses, Cycle CPA passes on advice and guidance to help owners succeed financially. Cycle CPA provides meaningful insights on financials to grow and scale successfully; that’s what sets them apart - their analytical and insightful services that go above and beyond the typical accountant.