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Blueprint for Recruiting & Retaining Green Industry Employees

A  Webinar with Neal Glatt

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Not enough people see or respond to your job ads. Candidates ghost you in the hiring process. Premium listings cost a fortune. And new employees stop showing up before they’ve even learned the job. 

But there is a better way.

In this webinar, Neal Glatt will teach proven steps to attract, engage, hire, and retain rock star employees that green industry companies are using to make 2024 their best season ever.

Spending too much money on sponsored job ads

Original air date: Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

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Hiring in today’s job market is rough.

Neal Glatt, CSP, ASM is a managing partner and co-founder of GrowTheBench.com. 

In his career as a snow contractor, Neal joined Case Snow Management, Inc. as an Account Executive in 2010. The company owned a single pick-up truck and had annual revenues of less than $1 million. Leading the sales effort and serving as part of the leadership team, Neal helped the company exceed $40 million in annual sales before beginning his own coaching practice in 2017. 

During that time, Neal discovered the power of focusing on strengths and the ability of strong leadership to influence amazing results. His passion is to help other people also find fulfillment and success in life. He is a Certified Strengths Coach through Gallup and a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.

Getting ghosted by too many candidates

Selecting the wrong candidates

Learn to write more compelling job ads that perform better.

Use communication scripts & provide an onboarding plan

Use a structured, behavioral approach for candidate selection

What motivates candidates

How to identify employee talent

How to onboard for engagement