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Hiring & Retention Tips for the Green Industry

An  On-Demand Webinar with Jeffrey Scott

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Find Out What's Working for Your Peers

Hear what Jeffrey's clients in the green industry have been doing to attract & retain top talent.

From work environment to social opportunities, we run thru what attracts and keeps top talent.

Change Your Mindset About Recruiting

Learn the true cause of your recruiting struggles, and become a better leader in the process.

Free Copy of Jeffrey's Book

All attendees will receive a digital copy of Jeffrey's latest book on hiring & retention in landscaping.

10+ pro-tip packed pages to get you in front of the best applicants, and ahead of the competition.

Ready to Transform Your Workforce?

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from one of the green industry's most authoritative coaches & thought leaders. 

Uncover the changes you need to make today to recruit and retain top landscaping talent tomorrow.

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Meet Your Coach

- What's working for other landscaping companies

- How to improve retention using “shared leadership”

- How to raise financial performance by employing an “ownership culture”

- Novel and proven recruiting tips to get staffed up

- Why becoming a  Destination Company® will solve your staffing issues

Jeffrey Scott is the leading authority on growth and profit maximization in the landscape industry.

He has consulted with over 300 lawn and landscape companies over the past 14+ years. His clients achieve between 25% and 200% profit improvement in their first year alone. He runs the largest peer group community in the industry.

What you'll learn:

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Original air date: Wednesday June 1st, 12 pm EDT