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A Leader's Guide to Employee Retention Success

A  Webinar with Randy Goruk

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Meet Your Coach

Randy Goruk is known for his ability to develop and refine the skills of a broad range of leaders. His customized workshops, coaching and speaking focus on elevating individual and team performance. 
During his time of leading various multi-million-dollar business units through many challenging times of strategic growth, innovation, product development, product launches, acquisitions, and a joint venture partnership, Randy became an expert in creating teams and leaders that achieve quantifiable results.

Randy’s leadership background and extensive executive management experience provide a unique backdrop for the training, coaching and speaking that is not typically seen in the industry. He shares ‘real experience’ to get ‘real results.’

Original air date: Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

Retention Strategies

Attendees will leave with 3 leadership strategies for employee retention success.

Actions for Success

Get the top 5 actions exceptional leaders take to achieve employee retention success.

Mistakes to Avoid

Learn the 3 biggest mistakes leaders make that impact the success of their employee retention efforts.

Live Q&A with Randy

We've reserved time at the end of the webinar for Randy to answer audience questions.