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Improving Construction Productivity Through Project Leadership Development

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For the last two decades, the productivity in the construction industry has lagged behind similar industries, averaging a mere 1% growth per year. Even though the construction industry is essential for a healthy economy, fragmentation among the trades results in operational failures and inefficiencies across the board.

In this webinar, we'll dive into the productivity challenges that construction professionals face, share potential solutions to this problem, and offer tangible strategies to improve productivity, communication, workplace culture, and more.

Viewers will learn:

  • Key factors that influence a project culture

  • The Emotional Intelligence Framework

  • DISC behavioral styles to help leaders communicate more effectively with project teams

  • A proven, effective delegation model  

Original air date: Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Dan Silvert is a behavioral expert, keynote speaker, and author published in 9 languages. As President of Velocity Advisory Group, twice ranked in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 list of fastest growing companies, Dan has guided hundreds of leaders to greater organizational and career success, and trained thousands of sales professionals to increased revenues through the power of deep relationships. 

Dan Silvert

Watch the video if you have:

Difficulty Acquiring Repeat Business

Poor Project Team Performance Resulting in Profit Fade

Adversarial Relationships on Project Teams

Lack of Accountability in Quality & Safety

Poor Schedule Performance

Matt Webster

Matt is a Senior Advisor and Executive Coach with Velocity Advisory Group who offers a range of strategies to empower construction executives in enhancing organizational performance and maximizing their personal value within the company. With his expertise, Matt provides valuable insights that enable executives to navigate challenging individuals and situations, take effective actions, gain clarity, improve their interpersonal and relationship skills, and ultimately enhance the performance of their subordinates. His guidance also contributes to increasing construction employee retention and achieving an elevated quality of life.

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Velocity Advisory Group is a seasoned advisory firm committed to helping clients accelerate organizational success through strategic consulting, executive coaching, and developing the people side of the business.

Having led 700+ organizations through transformation and strategic change since 2009, we excel at supporting clients to achieving clarity, alignment, and better decision-making within their teams. By emphasizing personalized consulting and building trusted partnerships, we deliver tailored solutions for each clients’ unique needs.
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