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Coaching Skills for Managers

A  Webinar with Randy Goruk

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Meet Your Coach

Randy Goruk is known for his ability to develop and refine the skills of a broad range of leaders. His customized workshops, coaching and speaking focus on elevating individual and team performance. 
During his time of leading various multi-million-dollar business units through many challenging times of strategic growth, innovation, product development, product launches, acquisitions, and a joint venture partnership, Randy became an expert in creating teams and leaders that achieve quantifiable results.

Randy’s leadership background and extensive executive management experience provide a unique backdrop for the training, coaching and speaking that is not typically seen in the industry. He shares ‘real experience’ to get ‘real results.’

Original air date: Wednesday, August 16th, 12 pm EDT


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who want to upskill leadership in the organization

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Unlocking Your Team's Potential

We’ve all heard the saying, “People don’t quit jobs; they quit managers,” and it’s worth repeating because it carries some truth.

People quit managers because they haven’t developed rapport and they don’t feel supported. Both of these problems can be eliminated when the leader knows how to effectively coach their team members.

Coaching (unlike training) is a continuous and evolving process. It requires ongoing assessment of strengths and weaknesses, a fluid plan for improvement, and the motivation to aggressively tackle it day after day. Easier said than done, especially if you’ve never been adequately coached yourself, or trained in the art of coaching.

Whether you personally lead a team, or you want to upskill the leaders in your organization—watch this webinar to learn how to develop the abilities required to inspire, empower and engage a team that's capable of achieving great results.

Improve Engagement

Learn 3 techniques for engaging teams

Inspire Results

5 strategies for inspiring teams to take ownership

Empower to Take Action

Techniques for instilling confidence & decision-making abilities

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