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Let Gloria show you how to bring a critical eye to your existing business processes so you can identify and eliminate the inefficiencies holding you back from more profit.

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Inefficient processes waste time and resources, and they're inherent in almost every organization. Despite its prevalence, bad process design is challenging to identify because inefficiency hides in established business processes, such as inventory management, HR, business applications, and IT. 

The good news is that business process improvement (BPI) practices are designed to pinpoint these inefficiencies and eliminate the slowdowns they create.

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Gloria Strauthers is the Founder/CEO of Exodus Management and Consulting, LLC. She is a management consultant who provides an outside perspective on problem-solving, best practices, and strategies to help companies improve their performance. She is a highly sought professional speaker and business coach and is a multi-credentialed professional who applies her 25-year expertise and relentless energy to solve her client's issues.

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What we cover:

  • How to identify the symptoms of inefficiency in your business

  • The top five business processes with the highest rate of inefficiency

  • How to improve processes in your business using Business Process Improvement (BPI)

  • How to implement BPI best practices

Original air date: Wednesday, June 21st, 2023

The benefits of Business Process Improvement are plentiful, including:

Business Agility: Adapt to technology, competition, and regulations with speed & capability

Increased Efficiency: Find & eliminate wasteful steps in existing processes

Continuous Improvement: Implement evidence-based decision-making and incremental changes

Knowledge Transfer: Document and share process maps for a smooth transfer of knowledge and training of new employees

Compliance & Security: Simplify compliance with regulations, as well as protect against fraud and theft in the workplace

Process Automation: Track automated procedures to evaluate their efficiency in real-time, allowing leaders to analyze and adjust business processes more effectively