HR Software for the Blue-Collar Workforce

Built to Recruit, Hire, and Manage the Workforce that
Needs No Desk

Our HR Automation Platform helps blue-collar businesses thrive in the modern age with software built for your unique needs.

Built to Recruit, Hire, and Manage the Workforce that
Needs No Desk

Trusted by team leaders in transportation, distribution, commercial food, waste management, landscaping, construction, and more.

How We Help Blue-Collar Businesses

All-Star Recruiting Platform

for centralized job posting, applicant screening, and hiring best practices.

Efficient Text Messaging

to quickly communicate with applicants & employees.

to send scheduled or start-date based surveys, announcements, and messages.

Automated Communication

through targeted job postings, smart screening, and automated outreach via texting.

Build Better Teams

Manage Teams More Easily

through on-demand and scheduled text-based announcements and group updates in multiple languages.

Retain Teams Longer

with 1:1 messaging for confidential communication and surveys to gather input from the field.

How We Help Blue-Collar Businesses 

Say Goodbye to Unfilled Roles & Unqualified Applicants with these Features

The Intelligent Hiring Assistant

Our automated Hiring Assistant removes hundreds of recruiting tasks from your plate and lets you focus on the people side of hiring.   

Automatically starts conversations with applicants to assesses and review potential issues.

Smart Filters automatically analyze all applicants to remove those who aren't good fits. 

The Assistant will send personalized texts and emails at each stage of the hiring process.  

A Data-Driven Sourcing Engine 

Team Engine's data-driven headhunter finds better applicants even if they already have jobs, and they aren't looking.  

Our Sourcing Engine acts like a headhunter — running smart targeted ads to get in front of great people. 

Then takes on tasks to get more applicants: designing and running ads, posting on job board listings, and constantly optimizing on learnings. 

Our Referral Automation easily and consistently shares your referral program with current employees. 

The Employee Messaging Platform 

Easily communicate with your teams by text and email, all within a seamless HR Inbox. 

From company management to HR to workers out in the field, you can seamlessly message one person or a group and manages replies.

For HR teams, you'll have a dedicated phone number that employees can use to text or call in questions.

Announcements and Surveys lets you get responses from employees, communicate new regulations—all while keeping everything confidential.

Texting-Based Employee Surveys 

Automatically send surveys to employees by text and email to quickly get responses.  

Automatically send onboarding and exit surveys by text and email to employees when they're hired or after they've quit or are fired. 

Surveys are delivered by text message and email, and recipients respond directly from their phones letting you immediately see responses. 

Collaborate with teams in the office and the Field, instantly from ordering uniforms to coordinating shift changes. 

Team Engine is Loved by HR Leaders

Team Engine not only helps us fill our most valuable roles with highly-qualified people, they give us the tools we use every day to keep our teams engaged, informed, and productive

Tom McLaughlin

HR Manager, A&A Safety

It’s so nice to figure out which candidates are actually responsive and don’t just click and apply. Team Engine lets me focus on the applicants who are actually qualified and engaged.

Meaghan Sands

HR Generalist, Alliance Beverage Distributing

Team Engine reduced our time-to-hire by 60%, completely eliminated our phone interview no-shows, AND saved us over $24,000 a year.

Katie Conway

Recruiting and Training Manager, Genz Ryan

It’s like a dating app for recruiting that puts the responsibility of communication back on the recruit. The automated pre-screening text message questions give three chances to verify or show interest, and that is a game changer.

Heather Odenweller

Marketing & Recruiting Manager, Landscapes By Terra

Team Engine is Loved by HR Leaders

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