Employees are in short supply these days, especially in blue-collar industries. But finding the right team members doesn’t have to drain your resources — it just requires a little creativity.

That's why we've compiled this massive list of 113 ways to find potential candidates for your open positions! You'll find 81 ideas on the list that are completely free or very low cost, and 32 options that could fit even a modest budget.

No matter what size your business is, scroll down for creative ideas to find the talent you’re looking for ⬇️


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Job Title, The Company

Job Title, The Company


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Free & Low-Cost Methods

Paid Methods

Adjust Internal Processes to Become More Appealing to Candidates

77. Offer job shadowing opportunities to give potential candidates a taste of the job

78. Proudly display the salary range & benefits for your open positions to stand out from the competition

79. Start an in-house apprenticeship program to attract unskilled talent and train them from scratch

80. Offer flexible work arrangements to attract candidates who value work-life balance

81. Offer remote work options to attract candidates from other regions

Integrate Recruiting Throughout the Business

74. Record an “on-hold” message that describes current open positions and the benefits of working at your company

75. Put a link to your careers page in your email signature with a call-to-action to apply for open positions

76. Add information about open positions and a hiring call-to-action on your invoices/receipts

1. Add a careers page to your company website

2. Add a hiring banner to your website homepage

3. Write a blog post about the benefits of working for your company

4. Publish cheat sheets or checklists on your website for people who might be interested in a career in your industry and collect their email address to download it

On the Company Website

On Social Media

5. Film your own recruiting video and share it everywhere

6. Search for people on Reddit by location or trade/industry

7. Update all your social media bios to include info about open positions

8. Share that you’re hiring in social media posts

9. Change your social media banners/cover photos to a custom graphic that says “We’re Hiring” and update the “call to action” buttons

10. Brag about your top employees on social media to boost your company culture and attract candidates organically

11. Interview your employees on Facebook Live

12. Share Facebook and Instagram Stories of your employees talking about what it’s like to work for your company

13. Create a TikTok account and post videos showcasing your company culture and job openings

14. Host an “Ask Me Anything”/Q&A on Facebook Live or YouTube Live about what it’s like to work at your company

15. Create a YouTube channel sharing information about getting started in your field to attract interested candidates

16. Join local Facebook groups and share that you’re hiring

17. Join job-seeker Facebook groups and share that you’re hiring

18. Join Facebook groups related to your trade/industry and share that you’re hiring

19. Search on LinkedIn by occupation and then send a connection request and personal message to potential passive candidates

20. Search on Instagram by hashtag related to your industry and then follow and send a DM to potential passive candidates

Customer Referrals

21. Send a newsletter to your customer email list outlining your open positions

22. Send a text to your customer list announcing that you’re hiring & linking to your careers page

23. Leave a hiring flyer with every happy customer to share with friends or family

24. Offer a discount to customers who bring you applicants

Employee Referrals

25. Start an employee referral program

26. Promote from within

27. Cross-train your employees in different roles/departments

28. Create a point system and “gamify” your employee referral program for more engagement

29. Promote someone in-house to the position of “recruiter” and task them with year-round outreach

>> WATCH: How to get more out of your employee referral program

Existing Candidate Pool

30. Revisit old resumes from past applicants

31. Contact ex-employees that you would like to rehire

Around Town

32. Pass out business cards and job applications at supply houses

33. Wear your company’s branded gear everywhere

34. Attend local networking events and bring applications

35. Leave a hiring flyer on your competitor's truck windshields

36. Hang out in hardware stores and give a hiring flyer to anyone who seems competent with tools

37. Put up hiring flyers around town

38. Get referrals from your local BNI group

39. Contact local trade unions

40. Look on Thumbtack or TaskRabbit for people offering handyman services or other services related to your industry and contact them

"We're Hiring" Signage

41. Stock up on branded “We’re Hiring” yard signs to leave in every customer’s yard

42. Get a custom “We’re Hiring” magnet and place it on all your company vehicles

43. Add a hiring call-to-action on the back of your business card design and get new ones printed for all employees to hand out

44. Print door hangers and have employees hang them on neighboring doors while at residential job sites

45. Hang a vinyl "We're Hiring" banner on all your big job sites

Generate Media Coverage

46. Offer to be a guest expert on local podcasts and discuss hiring

47. Offer to be a guest expert on local radio shows and discuss hiring

48. Contact your local newspaper/news channel to be a source on segments regarding labor shortages or other employment issues

49. Partner with local influencers to get the word out

50. Write an article for any relevant trade journals to get more exposure

51. Write a guest blog for any relevant websites in your industry for more exposure

Host Events

52. Host a charity event or volunteer day to showcase your company's values and attract candidates who share those values

53. Hold monthly open houses & invite anyone with a resume to apply, interview, & get hired on the same day

54. Host a "speed networking" event where job seekers can meet with hiring managers for brief interviews

55. Host an online or in-person DIY workshop and recruit anyone who has a knack for what you’re teaching

Partner with Schools

56. Contact your local college/university career center

57. Post hiring ads on local college/university job boards

58. Contact local high school skills centers

59. Contact local trade schools

60. Sponsor local high school sports/theater/clubs, etc. and put a hiring ad on their programs, flyers, brochures, etc.

Partner with Organizations Supporting Minority & Disadvantaged Groups

61. Contact local veteran organizations

62. Contact local women or diversity organizations

63. Contact local reentry programs that specialize in helping people with a criminal history find work

64. Connect with local non-profits that specialize in helping people get back to work

Partner With Vendors, Suppliers & Non-Competitors

65. Contact your suppliers or vendors to spread the word for you

66. Create relationships for referrals with non-competitors in complementary trades/industries

67. Contact local general contractors and tell them about your open positions

Leverage Job Boards

68. Post your job ad on Indeed

69. Post your job ad on Google for Jobs

70. Post your job ad on LinkedIn

71. Post your job ad on Craigslist

72. Find niche-specific job boards that cater to your industry and post your job ads there

73. Get reviews from current employees on your Indeed, Glassdoor, CareerBliss, etc. to make your company more enticing for job seekers


109. Hire a professional videographer to film a recruiting video and share it everywhere

110. Purchase a list of technicians that passed their certification tests in your industry and contact them directly

111. Hire specialized recruiters for your trade/industry

112. Use local temp/staffing agencies

113. Commission a mural that promotes your brand and highlights employees/culture

Traditional & Digital Advertising

83. Create a radio ad to promote that you’re hiring

84. Pay for advertising at a local amphitheater

85. Pay for advertising at a local fairground

86. Run Google ads in neighboring cities or states and offer a relocation bonus

87. Place an ad in the local newspaper

88. Place an ad in neighborhood magazines

89. Place an ad in your industry trade journals

90. Run hiring ads on social media and YouTube

91. Advertise on public transportation

92. Run hiring ads in neighboring cities, counties, and states and offer a relocation bonus

93. Run a direct mail postcard campaign promoting you’re hiring

94. Pay for an ad in the local high school yearbook

95. Pay for a billboard on a major freeway

82. Use retargeting ads to reach people with the same demographics as your current and past employees using their email address

Attend Events & Conferences

96. Participate in trade shows and industry events and bring applications

97. Attend job fairs

98. Join a virtual Meetup that’s local or related to your trade/industry

Sponsor an Event or Organization

99. Sponsor local semi-pro sports teams and put your hiring ad at their stadium

100. Sponsor local clubs or community organizations and put a hiring ad on their resources and marketing materials

101. Sponsor a 5k or other marathon

102. Sponsor a bike-share program in your city and include your website’s career page on the bike wrap

103. Donate to local charity organizations in exchange for promoting that you’re hiring

Incentivize Referrals with Prizes

104. Use various softwares and prizes to “gamify” your recruitment efforts for more engagement

105. Host a contest on your social media pages and give a gift card to whoever brings you the best applicant

Invest in Technology

106. Add a chatbot on your website to answer job-related questions instantly

107. Add a chatbot on your social media profiles to answer job-related questions instantly

108. Use software like TeamEngine to automate and simplify your hiring process so it's easier for you to manage, and more efficient for applicants to apply

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  • Communicate with candidates throughout the process to keep them engaged

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