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How to Hire Top-Performing Sales Reps in Landscaping

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Optimize Recruitment

Centralize job posting, applicant screening, and hiring best practices.

Centralize Messaging

Quickly communicate with all applicants & employees from one place.

Automate Communication

Send scheduled or start-date based surveys, announcements, and messages.

Team Engine will help you:

Grow faster with new candidate sources & resume screening software

How Team Engine works

  • Recruit workers who aren't actively job searching
  • Promote your jobs on more channels with less work
  • Get more referrals from existing employees
  • Auto-screen for missing work history, long commutes, non-responsiveness, or a track record of job-hopping

Automate applicant communications

  • Respond before your competition
  • Engage with text message, without using your personal number or device
  • Reduce interview no-shows
  • Post jobs to all major career sites with one click

Engage your entire team, all from one place

  • Text timely information about scheduling, traffic, and other updates
  • Remind staff to submit photos of job sites, receipts for reimbursement & more
  • Connect with your team easily and naturally with text

Tom McLaughlin

"I wasn't sure how Team Engine would fit in with our current process, but now I can't imagine how we would operate without it."

A & A Safety

Krissia Castellon

"I like that I can text applicants and have one-on-one communication, but do it in a personalized way, even when it’s automated."

Olshan Foundation Solutions

Susie Olivarez

"Everything we got from Team Engine cost less than working with one recruiting agency, and that alone was worth every penny to me."

Ritsema Associates

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